Abrasive Blasting
A process for roughening, cleaning , or finishing a surface by propelling an abrasive at medium or high velocity against it. Methods include pressure cleaning, sandblasting, shot blasting, etc…
Acid Etching
Application of acid to clean or alter a concrete surface; typically used when no alternative means of surface prep may be used to roughen a surface to accept a coating.
The electrode in electrolysis at which negative ions are discharged, positive ions are formed, or other oxidizing reactions occur. A sacrificial anode is placed and tied into the re-bar to prolong the time the repair takes to deteriorate.
Backer Rod
A flexible, compressible rod placed in a joint to reduce the depth of sealant and improve its shape factor; it also serves to support the sealant against sagging and indentation.
Balcony Slab Replacement
If balcony slabs are left to corrode to severely in many cases the re-bar on the top side of the deck holding the balconies in place going into the building needs to be replaced. This is typically determined by the engineer based on the percentage of cross section that has corroded away on the top re-bar that goes into the building. In order to repair this condition typically a portion or the entire balcony slab may need to be removed. In extreme cases the sliding glass doors must also be removed and the restoration work may go into the unit. New re-bar must be doweled or tied into the existing building and a new concrete slab poured or patched. Pro-Max specializes in this type of repair and in minimizing its impact on residents.
Barrier Cable For Parking Garages
Pro-Max offers the replacement or repair of all different types of parking garage barrier cables. We can retrofit almost any garage system with a new parking barrier system.
A strip of applied sealant, glazing compound, or putty.
Bond Breaker
A material used to prevent adhesion at a designated surface. Typically in joint sealant installations to prevent three way adhesion of the joint sealant which will result in a failure if there is any movement in that joint.
Cathodic Protection
A form of corrosion protection for reinforced concrete wherein a sacrificial metal is caused to corrode in preference to the reinforcement, thereby protecting the reinforcement from corrosion.
Caulking, Window Glazing & Sealant Replacement
There are many terms for this application. Some refer to the removal and installation of window sealants, expansion joint sealants, or simply the caulking around the window perimeters. Pro-Max has completed the renovation of many large sealant projects throughout the country including the Downtown Indianapolis Hilton, the Downtown Miami Hilton, and many more.
Chain Drag
A nondestructive testing method in which the sounds from the chains dragged over a concrete surface are used to detect delaminations, dull or hollow sounds indicate delaminated areas.
To remove all of the hardened concrete section with a chisel. Typically to expose deteriorated re-bar to effect a concrete repair.
Coatings Removal
Pro-Max also offers coatings removal from decks, walls, metals, etc... This may include the removal of traffic topping systems, floor paints, epoxies, elastomeric paint systems, etc...
Cold Joint
An unplanned joint or discontinuity resulting from a delay in placement of sufficient time to preclude a union of the material in two successive lifts.
Degredation of concrete or steel reinforcement caused by electrochemical or chemical attack. Corrosion typically results in the appearance of a rust stain or spalling concrete. The extent of corrosion cannot usually be determined until the corrosion is exposed.
Corrosion Control
Pro-Max offers a wide variety of corrosion control services including waterproofing of concrete decks, vertical walls, block walls, metal surfaces, cathodic protection, and many more.
Crack Repair
Pro-Max offers a wide variety of crack repairs. We can simply rout and fill your cracks with a polyurethane sealant or inject them with an epoxy resin which provides a more structurally sound repair and is typically used in beams and columns.
Deck Coatings
We offer a variety of different deck coatings for all types of budgets and applications. Textured deck coatings, smooth waterproof coatings, water repellants, traffic topping systems, epoxy coatings, etc...
Deck Repair
This repair is in the floor of an area needing repair typically a breezeway, balcony, or garage floor. It is typically measured in square feet up to 3” deep.
A separation along a plane parallel to a surface as in the separation of a coating from a surface or the layers of a coating from each other, or in the case of a concrete slab, a horizontal splitting, cracking, or separation of a slab in a plane roughly parallel to, and generally near, the upper surface.
Physical manifestation of failure of a material (e.g., cracking, delamination, flaking, pitting, scaling, spalling, staining) caused by service conditions or internal autogenous influences. Typically the condition that occurs in re-bar embedded in concrete slabs causing the slab to split or spall.
A deposit of white salts left on a surface when a solution containing the salt leaches from concrete or masonry then evaporates. This condition is commonly overlooked when painting a surface causing the paint to fail prematurely.
Having the characteristics of an Elastomer. An Elastomeric coating typically is applied to the vertical surfaces of a building that is to be waterproofed. This coating is able to withstand a certain degree of movement bridging cracks and keeping the walls water tight.
Elastomeric Waterproofing
Elastomeric waterproofing can be a simple solution to some complex water intrusion problems. Pro-Max offers a wide variety of elastomeric products from textured to smooth in all different colors for your waterproofing needs.
Electrostatic Painting & Metal Refinishing
Pro-Max offers electrostatic painting services. Electrostatic painting will leave your railings, windows, doors, gates, fences, etc., looking like brand new. Electrostatic metal refinishing gives you that factory finished look and is typically used in areas of high visibility to make your surfaces shine like new.
Engineering & Consulting Services
Pro-Max works together with Structural engineers to provide many different types of consulting and structural engineering services. Typically we specialize in 40 year re-certifications, concrete restoration of parking garage, balconies, buildings, and pool decks. If you require any assistance or are looking for a professional engineer that specializes in these types of products please click on the Contact Us section of the Website above and let us know how we can help.
Emergency Shoring Services
We provide emergency shoring and boarding up services. Please call 305-494-8042 if you need emergency services.
Epoxy Injection
A method for sealing or repairing cracks in concrete by injecting epoxy adhesives.
Expansion Joint Replacements
From a simple wall expansion joint to a more complex traffic system expansion joint, Pro-Max has done it all and we have the experience necessary to insure a long lasting joint.
Forty Year Re-Certifications
40 Year Re-certification of buildings is required by ordinance in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. These Re-certification ordinances apply throughout the counties and their incorporated cities. The purpose of these ordinances is to assure that the buildings are structurally and electrically safe and intact. Pro-Max along with its engineering partners can help come up with a plan, cost of repair, and execute all the work necessary to bring your buildings into compliance with the 40 year ordinances.
Impact Glass, Window & Sliding Door Installations, Removal and Replacements
Typically an impact glass installation in a high rise requires some structural strengthening around the perimeters of the windows. For this reason it makes sense to use a General Contractor specializing in concrete repair for these types of installations. Pro-Max offers structural strengthening as well as all different types of impact glass installations in high, mid, and low rise buildings.
Metal Railings
Pro-Max offers a wide variety of metal railings services. From the electrostatic painting of metal railings and gates to the fabrication and installation of metal hand rails, breezeway railings, balcony railings, etc...
A unit of measurement typically used in this industry for the thickness of coatings. Mil = .0001 in. (0.0254 mm).
A superficial growth produced by fungi in the presence of moisture that causes surface discoloration and decomposition.
Overhead Repair
This repair is typically in the ceiling of an area needing repair, most commonly a balcony ceiling, garage ceiling, or breezeway ceiling. It is typically measured in square feet up to 3” deep.
Post Tension Cable Repairs
Post tension cable repairs can be complex and should not be attempted by inexperienced contractors. Pro-Max specializes in all different types of emergency or remedial post tension cable repair work. Whether it is to simply grout exposed post pockets or completely replace broken strands of post tension cable, Pro-Max offers the services needed for these type of repairs.
The process of restoring the capacity of weakened components or elements to their original design capacity or of increasing of components or elements of a concrete structure.
Texture Coatings
The words texture coatings covers a wide variety of products. Pro-Max offers the installation of many different types of texture coatings mainly interior acrylic texture coatings used in hotel renovations as well as elastomeric waterproof coatings used for exterior waterproofing on walls and decks. Some of our interior texture finishes are as decorative as a granite wall or as simple as a knock-down finish. For more information on the textured coatings we apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thru Slab Repair
Also known as a full depth repair. It can be in either the ceiling or floor surface and is a repair that goes thru the entire slab. This repair is typically measured in cubic feet.
Venetian Plaster
Pro-Max has applied over hundreds of thousands of square feet of Venetian Plaster coatings during the construction boom in South Florida. Many lobbies and restaurants were finished in this elegant marble looking finish. Pro-Max offers different Venetian Plaster options to fit all budgets whether you are plastering a restaurant or an entire ground floor lobby we can provide you with cost effective pricing and the finest possible products available in the market today.
Vertical Repair
This repair is in the wall of an area to be repaired and is usually measured in square feet up to 3” deep.
Window Sill Replacements
A common defect in 35-40 year old buildings of the corrosion of the window sill re-enforcement. Pro-Max can remove, replace, and finish your window sills in most cases without even removing the windows. This makes this type of restoration work very convenient for residents.


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