Lake Tower

765 Crandon Boulevard
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Approximate Contract Value: $2.4 Million

The Lake Tower building is located in the Ocean Club development in Key Biscayne. Pro-Max performed 2 different projects at this property. The first consisted of the complete renovation of the plaza deck, the building planters, and the buildings main entrance. This work included the removal of all finishes, landscaping, topping slabs, new waterproofing membranes, new toppings, new stone finishes, new expansion joints, and new landscaping. The second phase of work was the complete concrete restoration, post tension cable end repair, delaminated concrete repair, waterproofing, sealants, expansion joints, and the re-painting of the entire property. The approximate value of all this work was $2.4 mil and was completed on schedule.


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