Palm Bay

770 NE 69 Street
Miami, FL 33138

Approximate Contract Value: $1.2 Million

Palm Bay Condominium was a concrete restoration project Pro-Max completed in 2009.  This project consisted in the complete replacement of 62 balconies throughout the property.  The project also included replacing the balcony railings, waterproofing the walls, and repainting all of the previously painted exterior surfaces throughout the property.  This building was nearing its 40 year re-certification and during the inspection process it was noted the majority of the balconies were severely deteriorated and needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately the balcony decks were never waterproofed, and this building sits as you can see in the pictures, directly on the bay.  This balcony replacement was especially challenging since the balconies sit right over the water in the marina on the property.  This project was completed in approximately 10 months.


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