Hamilton Apts.

555 NE 34th Street
Miami, FL 33137

Approximate Contract Value: $900 K

The Hamilton Apartments building is a high rise located directly on the bay in mid-town Miami. One of the primary issues at this property was the deterioration of of the metal lathe and stucco panels caused by water intrusion from faulty balcony drains, planters, and balcony decks that were no longer water proof. The repair specification called for removing all of the lathe and stucco panels from the bottom six floors of the entire building and replacing them with new galvanized metal framing, and Dens glass panels and stucco. Pro-Max also repaired various areas of delaminated stucco and spalling concrete throughout the property.

The Hamilton is an atrium style building which presented a challenge because at the bottom of the atrium was a large pond filled with hundreds of expensive mature Koi fish. Pro-Max had to design a protection system to not only catch and falling debris but to also channel away water from pressure cleaning that could potentially leak into the pond and contaminate the water killing the Koi. Thankfully we were able to complete the work without the loss of one single fish.

The building sealants around the window frames were remove and replaced as needed and the entire buildings masonry/stucco coated with Sherwin William's Loxon Acrylic Finish. This project was completed in approximately 5 months in 2009.


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